World's First Blockchain Built for Decentralized Machine Learning

Build, optimize, monetize and scale AI solutions like never before

CiferAI 3 Layers - Federated Learning Framework, $CIF Economy, Blockchain Infrastructure

Secure, Robust, and Powerful Blockchain for the AI Revolution

Scale Any Machine Learning Solutions in a Cifer’s Decentralized Ecosystem
Federated Learning
Federated Learning
  • Collaborate on model training without sharing raw data
  • Preserve data privacy while leveraging collective intelligence
  • Enable secure and efficient distributed learning across multiple parties
  • Swarm
    Swarm Learning
  • Harness the power of swarm intelligence for adaptive AI
  • Enable autonomous agents to learn and evolve collaboratively
  • Unlock robust and resilient problem-solving capabilities
  • Multi-Party Computation
    Multi-Party Computation (MPC)
  • Perform secure computations on sensitive data without revealing it
  • Ensure privacy and confidentiality in collaborative ML scenarios
  • Enable privacy-preserving model training and inference
  • Multi-Agent Systems
    Multi-Agent Systems
  • Enable decentralized coordination and collaboration among intelligent agents
  • Leverage blockchain for secure communication and decision-making
  • Build scalable and resilient multi-agent applications on Cifer's infrastructure
  • Fast & Scalable by Design

    Empowering Decentralized Collaboration Powered by Byzantine Robust Learning
    Cifer Block Time 5sec, 58.33% Faster than Ethereum

    Building the Future of AI with Leading ML Frameworks and Libraries

    Accelerate Your AI Innovation with Cifer's Seamless Integration of TensorFlow, PyTorch, NumPy, and Jupyter Notebook
    CiferAI Machine Learning Framework Dashboard
    Seamless Integration with Leading ML Tools Available Q2/2024
    Secure Multi-Party AI Collaboration with Built-In Privacy Protection
    Secure Multi-Party AI Collaboration with Built-In Privacy Protection
    Collaborate with multiple parties to build robust and accurate AI models from diverse data sources while preserving data privacy and security.
    Easy Deployment and Seamless Operation
    Easy Deployment and Seamless Operation
    A versatile and adaptable federated learning SDK designed to foster a collaborative community of developers, researchers, and data scientists across various domains and industries.
    Accelerating AI Research through an Incentive-Driven Economy
    Accelerating AI Research through an Incentive-Driven Economy
    Empower AI innovation by rewarding global contributions through a structured incentive model. Gain recognition and tangible rewards for sharing knowledge and resources, accelerating diverse AI developments.

    Invest in $CIF Ecosystem

    Investing in $CIF offers the chance to be at the forefront of a revolutionary shift in AI development. By supporting CiferAI's IDO, you gain access to the $CIF token, which fuels this decentralized platform, empowering individuals to contribute to and benefit from Decentralized Federated Learning.
    $CIF Token

    Maximize Your $CIF Potential in Cifer Ecosystem

    Manage your assets, earn yield, and access multi-strategy DeFi solutions powered by leading wallet, DEX, and liquidity provider partnerships
    $CIF Investment - Earn 4.17% APR via Osmosis Pools, 714.27% APY via ReStake Staking
    Manage $CIF - Swap, Stake, Add Liquidity on Osmosis, ReStake via Keplr and Ledger


    A Sustainable Ecosystem for Decentralized AI.
    Public Sale listing price
    1 $CIF = 0.25 USDC
    Total Supply
    1,024,000,000 $CIF
    Public Sale (2024)
    5,000,000 $CIF
    $CIF Tokenomics


    IExplore CiferAI's remarkable journey, from groundbreaking concepts to a thriving reality. Witness key milestones and glimpse the exciting future ahead.
    CiferAI Timeline

    Accelerating Excellence

    We are proud members of Google Startup Program and Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program
    Stanford University
    Google for Startup

    A Decade of Collaboration

    Pioneering AI and Blockchain Innovations, Led by a CEO with a Proven Track Record of Building Billion-Dollar Company and VC Funds in US and SEA.
    Miranda, CEO

    Dr. Krikamol, CRO
    Dr. Krikamol

    Serin, CPO

    Parit, CTO